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The State Administration for Industry and Commerce: strengthen the application for trademark registration and trademark control the adverse effects

With the continuous and rapid growth of the application for trademark registration in China, the time limit for trademark examination has attracted much attention from all walks of life. SAIC trademark examination Cooperation Center Based on the previous work mechanism, recently introduced the “trademark examination cooperation center on the application for trademark registration and the adverse effects of trademark management measures” (hereinafter referred to as the “measures”), strict control of the time limit for the adverse effects of trademark with the advance, the monitoring and control. From the system to control and shorten the time to provide further protection and improve the quality of trademark examination.
In order to allow the trademark applicant to obtain the trade mark registration certificate more quickly, the Trademark Law revised in 2013 clearly defined the time limit for the examination. After the implementation of the new law, the trademark review authority has adopted a series of measures to ensure the completion of the review according to the strict time limit. This year is the deepening of the reform of trademark facilitation in the year, with the release of the reform bonus, is expected to apply for a total amount of 5 million. In order to serve the applicants better and do a good job in trademark examination, the trademark examination and cooperation center formulated the measures.
In strengthening the application for trademark registration and review the trial control, “measures” requirements of reasonable co-ordination, establish pre-trial plan; tracking the progress of the implementation of the early warning system; strengthen the responsibility, strengthen monitoring. At the same time, it requires the inspectors to strictly implement the Interim Provisions on the substantive examination of the application for trademark registration by the trademark examination and cooperation center, and further strengthen the management responsibilities of the departments responsible for the examination of the trademark registration. In the aspect of strengthening the adverse effects of trademark management, “measures” requirements through the formal review aspects of early warning, through substantive examination focused on the control center through the quality inspection strictly, establish emergency response mechanism. The measures also provide detailed provisions for increasing penalties, so as to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation.
According to reports, in order to ensure the “measures” to effectively implement and put in place, trademark review cooperation center set up a leading group of control, under the office, responsible for day-to-day implementation of control work.

Seven intellectual property protection center attacking force in high-end manufacturing

The role of intellectual property rights in promoting the development of the real economy is becoming increasingly prominent. In September 5th, in order to “patent to boost the real economy development” as the theme of the eighth session of the Chinese patent annual meeting, director of the State Intellectual Property Office Shen Changyu pointed out that with the rise of a new round of revolution of science and technology, more and more competition for the real economy is reflected in aspects of intellectual property rights, including patent competition. We should strengthen the creation and use of intellectual property rights, strive to improve the level of technology supply to the real economy, and inject new impetus into the real economy.
Deputy director of the State Intellectual Property Office, he pointed out at the annual meeting, intellectual property rights is the new normal under the support of the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing new kinetic energy. Data show that from January 2017 to July, industrial enterprises operating income in the forefront of the industry, such as the computer industry, chemical raw materials industry, automobile manufacturing industry, are intellectual property dependent industries. At the same time, information technology, software, computers, traffic manufacturing and other typical intellectual property based industries added value accounted for GDP in the past 10 years, significantly higher.
He pointed out that the Chinese economy from the development speed, has been rapid growth from the development of the high growth, from the level of development, has entered the level from the low-end to high-end level, from the view of the development model is from extensive development to innovation driven. In the process of development and transformation, China’s economy, especially the manufacturing sector, faces some difficulties, such as overcapacity, increased competition, inefficiency and inadequate capacity. These problems can be solved through the effective supply and effective protection of intellectual property rights, as well as the steady stream of innovation.
He revealed that China is promoting the construction of intellectual property protection centers in the near future. At present, seven IPR protection centers have been approved in Guangdong, Sichuan, Pudong, Changsha, Changzhou, Yantai and Foshan. They are expected to be put into use during the year. The seven intellectual property rights protection centers mainly serve the right of access, rights and rights of high-end manufacturing.
Chinese Roman Tam, Vice Minister of industry and information technology at the annual meeting pointed out that China is a big country of intellectual property, intellectual property rights but the quality is not high, the core of the patent, the well-known brand is relatively small, integration of intellectual property rights and economic development closely enough, patent conversion efficiency is not high, tort incident prone, the cost of rights high and low for the phenomenon still exists. To strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, and create a good environment to stimulate innovation and vitality of the protection of innovation, so that the majority of manufacturing enterprises to innovate, dare to innovate, innovation, and fully enjoy achievements and effects brought by innovation.
Roman Tam stressed the need to deepen the use of intellectual property rights and speed up the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, so as to create a steady stream of innovation and development in the manufacturing sector. In the field of key industries, such as robots, advanced CNC machines and new energy vehicles, we should establish an intellectual property alliance, promote the use of intellectual property rights, form a joint effort to protect intellectual property rights, and support the development of industrial innovation.
He further pointed out that to promote China’s real economic development, intellectual property rights are still greater room for force. Compared with Europe, China’s intellectual property intensive there is a large gap between the industry development, value added, IP intensive industries accounted for the proportion of GDP in IP intensive industries, or intellectual property intensive industries accounted for the percentage of employment, intellectual property rights is still a large space for development. In addition, China’s intellectual property licensing trade deficit is large, the development and pursuit of space. The United States, Japan, Germany and France all have a surplus on intellectual property rights licensing, while Korea, China and Russia have both deficits in intellectual property licensing transactions, and China has the largest reverse balance, reaching US $about 20000000000.

New technology of biological treatment of sewage in China

Reporters from today held in Beijing, “KDL fixed directional biological law flood control scientific and technological achievements transformation application seminar” was informed that China initiated the sewage biological treatment of new technologies.
The technology is named “KDL immobilized directional biological method”. It was invented by Wang Kaimin, the chief expert of Guangdong Jinming environmental protection technology company and the expert of the State Council special allowance. According to reports, this is after ten years of scientific research and technology research, the latest research results of independent research and development, for the international initiative, through the technology of immobilization, the microbial fixed growth, maintain high biological activity under suitable conditions, the biological treatment of a series of biological wastewater treatment technology.
Compared with the existing activated sludge, biological membrane and immobilized microorganism method and biochemical method, this technique is conducive to improve the solid-liquid separation of microbial concentration and reaction in a bioreactor after, can shorten the time required for processing, effectively realizes the nitrogen removal and other heavy metal ions, which can be widely used in domestic sewage treatment, industrial water, river pollution control and resource reuse etc..
“The quality of treated water can reach the A level at the national level.”.” Wang Kaimin said, this technology can solve the two big pollution, water treatment effect is unstable, higher water treatment costs a series of problems.
At present, the technology in some domestic factory processing and rural sewage treatment application of industrial wastewater has been achieved with low investment and operation cost, the effect of sewage treatment can be used to achieve high quality.
Joint Research Institute Vice President Xue Tao E20 of the Peking University Environment Institute said, this technology provides a new technical support to promote the water pollution treatment PPP mode, change of sewage and waste water as a resource, modern society with the pursuit of “circular economy”.
The seminar is sponsored by the China International Science and technology exchange center and the new technology development center of China Association for science and technology

Copyright environmental improvement, China’s digital music output value of 14 billion 300 million yuan

5, released in Beijing, “China digital music industry development report,” said that in 2016 the global recording music market total size of 15 billion 700 million U. S. dollars, has been warmer. China’s online music users reached 503 million; China’s digital music output value reached 14 billion 326 million yuan, an increase of 39.36%. The industry believes that the improvement of copyright environment has brought the rapid growth of digital music production in China, but there is still a gap between the per capita consumption of music and the developed countries.
At present, the development trend of recorded music industry is mainly reflected in: digital music revenue accounted for nearly half of its market share occupy an absolute advantage, and showing a trend of the depth of integration with the Internet; streaming music industry since 2012 continued rapid growth, the subscription music streaming media become absolute main revenue.
The report shows that in 2016, China’s digital music output value reached 14 billion 326 million yuan, an increase of 39.36%, is considered the world’s music industry is one of the fastest growing countries, including streaming music output value grew 30.6%. Zhang Fengyan, an associate professor at the Communication University of China School of art and music recordings that, on the one hand, digital music has become a source of funds within the scope of global music industry important; on the other hand, the degree of importance of China digital music in the global market has been gradually highlighted, copyright environment has brought rapid growth of digital music output in china.

Shen Changyu: China is willing to take an active part in the three side cooperation between China and Russia in intellectual property rights

According to the State Intellectual Property Office website news, recently, director of the fifth session of the seminar on intellectual property rights in Mongolia and Russia and three Intellectual Property Office will be held in the Russian Far East city of vladivostok. Director of the State Intellectual Property Office China Shen Changyu at the seminar said that with the birth of a new round of world science and technology revolution and the industrial revolution, innovation to lead the development trend more obvious, China attaches great importance to international exchanges and cooperation in intellectual property, is willing to actively participate in Mongolia and Russia three intellectual property cooperation, expanding areas of cooperation, strengthen the cooperation effect.
Shen Changyu stressed that the Chinese government continued to promote the construction of intellectual property rights power, the first intellectual property planning into the national key special planning, and officially launched the local comprehensive management of intellectual property reform pilot work. In the field of intellectual property protection, the State Intellectual Property Office of China promotes overall protection, protection, protection and protection of intellectual property rights, and continuously promotes the protection of intellectual property rights. With the use of intellectual property rights, the State Intellectual Property Office of China has further improved the comprehensive utilization of intellectual property rights and supported the development of the real economy through the establishment of mechanisms, building platforms and promoting industries.
Shen Changyu said that China attaches importance to international exchange and cooperation in intellectual property rights, and is willing to take an active part in the three aspects of bilateral intellectual property rights cooperation between China and Russia, and constantly expand areas of cooperation and strengthen cooperation. For the future, China State Intellectual Property Office is willing to work together with the Russian Federation Intellectual Property Bureau, Mongolia’s intellectual property rights and national registration administration, continue to deepen cooperation mechanisms, explore new areas of cooperation, enhance regional intellectual property environment, to better serve the regional economic development.
At the seminar, representatives of China, Mongolia and Russia held discussions and exchanges on three aspects, namely, the commercialization of intellectual property rights, infrastructure construction, regional intellectual property registration system, and the implementation of the national intellectual property strategy.

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